Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Denise Richards wants back in

Word is Denise Richards is trying to do a reality show with her two little girls. Sam is 3 years old, little Lola is 2. According to Extra, Denise thinks it would be prime to appear in the show.

In order for the children to do the reality show, Charlie Sheen must give his approval, but he has refused. Shock. Richards is asking the court to revoke Sheen's power as the children's father in this matter, so she can move forward without his consent.

A source said that "this goes against everything Sheen believes in and he feels it's exploitative of the children for the mother's own vanity and greed." Oh, surely not!

Extra/Image by PR Photos

Update: Judge gives the go-ahead

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shrimp said...

She is so desperate . . .