Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Vaughn denies torrid affair

Vince Vaughn has straight up denied he is having an affair with Jennifer Aniston. He's using the "we're just good friends" line.

Vince said, "We're making a film together, man. Jennifer's a sweet girl but she is very vulnerable right now and has been through a really hard time."

"I know people would love it if we were dating, but we're not. She doesn't need to cry on my shoulder."

Vaughn is all about the British girls anyway... "British women are hot - you guys are so open-minded," he said. "I have had one or two shocking suggestions but I'm not going to tell you."



shrimpfriedrice said...

I have a hard time associating Vince Vaughn with "torrid". He just seems like a big retriever puppy . . . all feet and drooling.

gabsmash said...

i was being sarc...what is your deal with big ole' money puppies lately? told you to borrow mine. xo

shrimpfriedrice said...

Ahhhhhh . . . my sarcas-meter is on the fritz. What can I say, I like puppies. :) Is yours house-trained? You know my record with fish!!