Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The sorrow that led to Lindsay's meltdown

This week's Star Magazine reports that a "rehab" fling at Promises with a married man is what sent Lindsay Lohan into a "total meltdown- and her arrest on July 24."

Warning, this is sad and graphic. A source says, "Lindsay's rehab romance was pathetic. He was a married guy from the Midwest with a nice body. He was having fun with Lindsay. She called him her 'rehab boyfriend.' They would fool around all the time. And they weren't just kissing. He was in her room often."

When it was time for her rehab boyfriend to fly back home to his wife, "She completely freaked out," the source says. "She started screaming, 'Don’t leave me! Don’t leave me! If you leave I am going to die!'" A few minutes after he left, Lindsay emerged from her room with blood dripping from a self-inflicted wound on her wrist."

"She cut her left wrist so badly, there was blood everywhere – on her clothes, on her face, in her hair," the source reveals. "She was screaming, ‘He can’t go’ and sobbing."

It wasn't the first time that an out-of-control Lindsay has cut herself, insiders report. A friend of the actress recalls a 3-day drinking and drug bender during which Lindsay consumed massive amounts of vodka, cocaine, pills and Ecstasy and ended up at a party at the Hollywood Hills where she became enraged when the host ran out of her favorite drink.

"She wanted Grey Goose vodka and went on a rampage," another source tells Star. Someone who claims to be a friend of Lindsay's for years.

She says Lindsay screamed, "I want my brand, and I want it now!" before grabbing a corkscrew and shutting herself in the bathroom. Partygoers heard cabinets being opened and slammed shut, and then Lindsay screamed through the door, 'I'm going to kill myself! No one understands me!"

The friend says Lindsay "was cutting her wrists with the corkscrew. She's done this before, and it's crazy scary. A few minutes later she came out dripping blood. Luckily the wounds were superficial, but it was still a horrific sight."

"For someone who a year ago was on top of the world, it's tragic," says her friend. "She’s hit rock bottom – it's like watching a horrible train wreck. You want to turn away, but you can't."

From this week's Star Magazine/Photo: World Celebs

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