Friday, August 03, 2007

Will Brad go back to Jen?

According to this week's Life & Style, Brad and Angelina can't stop arguing, they're ready to split up and the custody agreement is all worked out.

"She will have primary custody of the children, and they'll travel with her whenever possible. Brad will spend summers and weekends with the children when he can- and be involved in every major decision concerning them."

"It's already a done deal. This isn't something they're going to squabble about in some courtroom once they've broken up." Speaking of...the couple just had a nasty argument in France, "They got into a huge fight about politics. Brad is for Obama, and Ang is an Edwards fan."

"Brad ended up calling her immature, Angelina cursed at him and threw a glass of wine in his face. He was standing there with wine dripping down his face onto his clothes. He says he was absolutely disgusted by Angelina's behavior." Yow. You know he hopped on his motorcycle after that. Or went out and took some nice photographs.

The magazine says that they have been bickering about everything- from why A Mighty Heart bombed at the box office, to the lasting friendship between Brad's mom and Jennifer Aniston.

Maybe Brad will see the light once he is around Gwyneth Paltrow again. The ex-lovers will soon play husband and wife in the Watergate drama Dirty Tricks.

Life & Style


dinigi said...

Give your head a shake. Why the hell would Jennifer want him? He's a poor excuse for a man, more like a lapdog as the tabs keep pointing out. Find your own cause Brad and try sticking with it. He said years ago he was bored with acting..he's still searching and unable to commit 'til he finds ...whatever. Who's able to comprehend an artiste?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately so many people seem to think that good looks will automatically create a successful union - sometimes the opposite is true .Why folk seem to think that Brad Pitt should be happy just because AJ is an attractive woman is beyond me. To have a successful, growing relationship takes much more than good looks.Clearness of vision, consideration for others and stability emotionally is essential .Emotional problems during childhood can often damage future relationships. Unfortunately in the case of this relationship children have been produced much too quickly, before really understanding what the two adults really are able to do together -getting along ,sharing is what a great relationship is all about. Jen and brad looked so lovely together for many reasons she is a sweetheart and much more Miss Aniston.

Anonymous said...

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