Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Cruise...still nutty like nougat

Tom Cruise walked out of an interview with a Swedish newspaper reporter after the conversation turned weird. How is this guy still in the biz?

The conversation went fine until reporter Bjorn Benkow said that "experts say that dyslexia cannot be cured by Scientology," as Cruise has claimed.

There was an awkward pause, then Cruise burst into his usual rabid hyena laughter. "I'm going to, in any case, admit that you have the courage of a madman," he said.

"This is something no journalist has dared say to me face-to-face. . . . Scientology is a religion without divinity. Its teaching is a spiritual liberation from life's problems that can only be reached through advice, courses and deep studies. Your cynical media colleagues cast doubt over all the good that we do by spreading a bunch of hocus pocus about us."

Then the reporter mentioned Kidman and the two children that she and Cruise adopted. "Now you have gone over the line," Cruise replied. Next, one of Cruise's two bodyguards put his hand on the reporter's shoulder, and Cruise said, "Now, unfortunately, I have to end this, Mr. . . . ?"

"Benkow," the reporter replied.

"Whatever," Cruise replied. "I have to move on." Oh, if only.



neal gardner said...

Tom Cruise is the patron saint of scholars.

And nutjobs.

Scholarly nutjobs.

For a guy who never went to college, he sure is well-educated. I know because he told Matt Lauer that he reads books. Lot's of 'em.

Conspiracy Theorist said...
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Conspiracy Theorist said...

it's a conspiracy

Jon said...

A-Stounding! If you guys could rise above "Us-Them" prejudices, you'd think far more clearly, and you'd concentrate on more high-level issues than what Joe or Sue or Tom Cruise believes about religion.