Monday, April 10, 2006

Moses meets the Apple

Gwyneth Paltrow had a baby boy over the weekend, naming him Moses Martin. Moses is the name of a song Chris Martin wrote for her back in 03'.

Paltrow said that her husband suggested the name soon after she discovered she was pregnant. "It conjured such a lovely picture for me – you know, apples are so sweet and they're wholesome and it's biblical – and I just thought it sounded so lovely and ... clean," Paltrow said. "And I just thought, 'Perfect!'"



amara said...

PLease go back to England. Isn't is amazing the English are so much smarter than Americans yet this pretentious hag choose to have her child her. What a hypocrite

neal gardner said...

amara: Don't hate the Brits. Without them, we wouldn't have had the original thirteen colonies. We also wouldn't have had our language and the study of economics. One of the world's leading theoretical physicists, Steven Hawking, is from England. So is Madonna. I know because she has an accent.

Hurray of Moses! Hurray for Apple! Hurray for giving children weird names!

hermmaan said...

I personally don't have a problem with the name...its not like she's doing it for publicity...she honestly just likes the name...but if you want to read a funny diss check this out from THE VELVET HOT TUB

“According to the Hebrew Bible, Moses led the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt and into the desert, and received the Torah of Judaism from God on Mount Sinai.” However it is more likely that the second coming of Moses will entail failure as both an actor and musician, culminating in a moderately successful VH1 reality TV show.