Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Rosie wants a smack down with Naomi

Rosie O'Donnell wants to beat down Naomi Campbell, saying she needs someone to "kick her ass."

O'Donnell was "horrified" after Campbell's latest incident. "I just picture this cute little Mexican woman working saying, Excuse me Miss Campbell can I possibly get you... and Naomi going, 'Get away from me, bam bam bam!', Rosie said.

"To make matters worse she had that jewel-encrusted cell phone. That's got to score with the diamonds."

"She looks like you could snap her in two but she's a tough-ass, kick-ass woman... I would actually like to fight her. I think for all the people that she's beaten up, I think she needs a big 200 pound lesbian to kick her ass." Go Team Rosie


neal gardner said...

rosie by KO in the second round.

Buddha Bong said...

And when she says, "someone should kick her ass", she means that she and her life partner want to experience the Naomi effect.

And if that fails....she'll just eat her.

neal gardner said...

hatleyman: LOL.