Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Our panel captions it....

"DJ Am takes his slightly retarded 10-year-old brother to buy some Jordan Airs" MK at Dlisted

"Completely at ease, Nicole Richie can safely walk the dangerous streets of SoHo knowing she is protected by a member of the Ironic T-Shirt Bandoleros." Neal

"Ugh, yeah Dad. He fed me, now he is walking me. Yes, my pulse is fine." Gabs

"Hello? Pizza Hut? I'd like a whole lotta nuthin' topped with more nothing and some nothing on the side. Oh, and a diet coke." Swank

"Here's the happy couple on their way to the audition for the new summer blockbuster Commando: Starving to Death. AM wore his best Arnold-like shirt and Nicole is a dead ringer for a 12 year old Alyssa Milano." Kat

"Nicole has taken to strapping her boyfriend with explosives should he try and pull a little stunt like that again. Nobody breaks up with Nicole Richie and lives. NOBODY."Idle

"OK, so they do sell bird seed around the corner? COOL...I will be there in a flash- make sure to save a drop for me!"MK at Popbytes

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