Wednesday, April 26, 2006


"Kathy Hilton shows that her daughters learned from the best!" Kat in da hat

"Honey, can you double check that the nasty tongue rash I had is all gone?" MK at POPBYTES

"And this is how we start our own videos at home" Gabs

"Kathy shows Rick the canker sore she got on her tongue after kissing daughter Paris earlier in the day." Spicy

"MIHF = Mom I Hate Fvcking." MK at DLISTED

"In a last ditch attempt at making her daughter's behavior appear "normal," Kathy Hilton takes to tonguing her husband in public. Stay tuned for next week when Mrs. Hilton recruits Ms. Manners and Colin Farrell to perform a "Dirty Sanchez" on Letterman." Swank

"Honey, hold still. There's a mosquito on your ear."Neal

"In a frightening example of contact disease spread that--until now--experts thought impossible, Mr. Hilton is suddenly stricken with his daughter Paris' herpes via his wife Kathy." Idle

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Buffy said...

Not nice.

At all.