Friday, April 07, 2006

Richards dating Eva's ex?

Rumor is that Denise is "falling for" Longoria's hot ex Tyler Christopher, her co- star in the upcoming TV drama Secrets of a Small Town.

A source told Star mag, "It's no secret on the set that Denise seems smitten. Tyler has this sly smile and soft way of speaking that draws her to him. Denise says he has a calm way about him that's reassuring after dealing with an extrovert like Charlie."

The source said that Christopher sounded like he wants a serious relationship, not just a fling. "He told Denise he loves watching her with her kids and he wants a family of his own soon."

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Katerina said...

Never liked Denise Richards really, but she has looked better... She looks like hell in this pic! Blond, lifeless hair and skeletorish body... Looks much older than she is. Could jus tbe a bad pic I suppose. But it looks like she has been dropping too much weight fast.