Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Russell Simmons and Tracee Ellis Ross at "Russell Simmon's Art for Life at Mar a Lago"

"Successful businessmen agree: A well-written prenuptial agreement and a good team of lawyers are the keys to a happy and healthy divorce!" Neal

"Art Schmart...Russell just made me piss my girl panties and I kinda like it!" MK at Popbytes

"Her look of surprise was no match for his expression of sheer terror when her boobs disappeared from the polka dot dress, never to be seen again." Swank

"Tracee suddenly realizes how much bank is sitting right smack dab in the middle." Gabs

"Russell was used to she-hes from his marriage to Kimora, but Tracee's hard on really threw him for a loop" Kat

"Tracee forces a shocked smile as a newly single Russey Simmons answers her (intentionally rhetorical) question of boxers or briefs in a sad attempt at sowing his wild oats."Idle

"Laugh all you want now, but wait til' Kimora gets a hold of you. It ain't gonna be pretty." Annie

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