Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Anna Nicole says Birkhead is a weirdo

Anna Nicole Smith has called her baby's daddy Larry Birkhead "scary" for sending her a box of baby clothes.

Anna says, "He has sent me a box of baby clothes. Inside was a book that said 'My Family,' and in the back of it, it had a picture of me and him... It's kinda scary in a way."

Last night on ET, she responded to Birkhead's claims that she miscarried their first child. Anna said she has indeed lost babies, yes plural, but not with Birkead.

Apparently there was a confidentiality agreement that Birkhead signed when he was hired as Smith's photographer. Larry says he never signed anything. Smith said, "Everyone in my life has signed one... He actually signed three of them."


Anonymous said...

i feel badly for her. she has had so many things happen to her. larry birkhead just wants her money! even if he is the father, he should get lost. she is married now. she is cool in my book and i hope her life calms down someday. she has had too much drama, poor girl.

Anonymous said...

I feel badly that she lost her son, because no one should have to go through that, but most of the drama in her life she caused. She is a drama queen.

If the baby is Birkhead's why should he have to disappear? He wants to be a part of herlife...every father, unless he's abusive, has a right to know and help raise his child.

Even if my hubby and I divorced and I remarried, I would never tell him to get lost. My son deserves to know his father and vise versa