Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wolfgang Puck spreads the love...and disease

An "urgent warning" has been issued to the celeb crowd who attended the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue party back on Valentine's Day that they may have been exposed to acute hepatitis A.

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health confirmed that an employee of Wolfgang Puck Catering was recently diagnosed with the disease, and has strongly urged anyone who attended the party, or any of the 13 other events catered by Puck between Feb. 1 - 20, to get an immune globulin shot by tomorrow to prevent illness.

The list of possibly exposed guests: Beyonce Knowles, Leonardo DiCaprio's girlfriend Bar Rafaeli, and dozens of SI bikini models.



Thewildgreedywest said...

Puck like every other greedy restaurant owner in Cali, AZ & TX hire illegals because they can pay them nothing for 14 hour days no taxes or health insurance and double their profits. This is the 5th hepatitis outbreak due to ill workers in the kitchen I’ve heard of in the last 3 weeks. The best part is all these greedy liberals all like to pat them selves on the back and pretend they have more authority over us who want stricter border control and fines for those who hire Illegals. We who have children in public schools have been sweating for years every time we send our children to school not knowing what disease the illegal seating next to them was carrying.

Anonymous said...

where in the article did it say that the staff are illegal immigrants? Just because he/she has hepitits infection, doesn't make him/her an illegal alien? hep A is transmitted fecal/oral and it often breaks out in preschools, so can i assume that the kids are all illegal immigrants as well?

thewildgreedywest said...

Have you ever worked in a restaurant in CA? I have. I had to quit. I. I couldn’t take seeing the heartless exploitation of these people. 2. Having to face unknowing customers and try to recommended food that wasn’t safe for a landfill let alone human consumption and 3. The blatant hypocrisy of the situation.
Yes your going to yap but if you live in the area you know the truth of the situation and by denying it your are allowing their exploiters to profit longer by defending them. And yes this is some of the "finest dining establishments with the best chefs". Restaurant owners and construction companies have made obscene profits from this awful situation. And they are putting you at risk by doing so.

Anonymous said...

I dont know about this hep business but I had to get that shot after I was exposed to chix pox while I was knocked burns like a MFer --- and you get the shot in the a$$ cheek --- ouch! Good luck with that Hollywood!