Thursday, February 22, 2007

K Fed gets emergency hearing

Federline and his attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, are scheduled to appear at a downtown Los Angeles courthouse today for an emergency hearing in family law court, seeking custody of his two sons.

While Britney is running around bald and stroking puppies, Federline has teamed up with Brit's mom Lynn, and his own mama Julie Bleak, to help out with the boys. Tickle, tickle! What a weirdo...


Anonymous said...

"Today I’m a free man. Ladies look out. Fuck a wife. Give me my kids Bitch!"
--Kevin Federline

DrDiSaia said...

BS! This is the same guy that not long ago was willing to sell her sole custody for between 25 or 50 million dollars.

He just wants the cash!

Poor kids.