Friday, February 23, 2007

Gab on a Friday

Brit is really pissed that it didn't rain

Anna Nicole's former assistant crawls out

Brad & Ang are adding to their tribe

Is Scarlett homely?

Eyes on the future

Aguilera's new video

J Lo helps the little people

Mischa Barton blows her stick in public

Photo: X17 via Celebrity Smack

1 comment:

d mumsie said...

Yeah, she's 'dancing as fast as she can' with the devil whipping her into a drugged out, depressed frenzy. I'm glad her father helped her to see, there is no place to go and hide, everyone knows she's messed up, nor any reason to continue as she is, when there was a way to overcome her problems.. and most wonderful of all, he was there for her.