Saturday, February 10, 2007

Anna Nicole was planning her wedding to Howard Stern

Reports say Anna Nicole had been planning a "real" wedding to Howard K. Stern when she passed away. The ceremony was scheduled for February 23 and she had invited producers from Entertainment Tonight to cover the ceremony.

Anna had even picked out her new wedding ring. The nuptials were to take place in the Bahamas.

Meanwhile, Anna's mother Virgie Arthur flew to the Bahamas yesterday "in order to make sure her five-month-old granddaughter is well looked after."

ET! reports that although Smith had big plans for the future, she was spiraling into depression, and she seemed "distant" and "foggy" during her TV interview last week.

They report, "Howard told us that he felt she never really overcame Daniel's death, and that, in fact, instead of getting better, she seemed to be getting worse and worse and falling into a deeper and deeper depression."


Anonymous said...

In my opinion if she Anna seemed to be getting worse and worse and falling into a deeper and deeper depression Howard Stern should have stepped in and done something.

d mumsie said...

She was planning to con some rich people for money and retire. It's lucky she died and didn't go to jail, or harm her daughter.

Anonymous said...

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