Sunday, September 23, 2007

Angelina and Brad spin the globe and land on Burma

The Daily Mail reports that Brad and Angelina are adopting a child from Burma. "The couple have enlisted the help of one of the country's leading monks to plan a trip to an orphanage."

She is said to be desperate to offer help to troubled nations, and feels the repressive Republic of Myanmar, or Burma, is the ideal place to adopt another child – preferably, a girl.

The Mail says that Angelina has been talking to a monk about a safe travel route through the military state and a visit to the orphanage. Angelina allegedly believes that adopting another girl will balance her family and "a child from Burma would fit into its racial mix."

It also states that Angelina has enlisted the help of Dr. Jane Aronson, an adoption specialist who runs the Worldwide Orphans Foundation- who is understood to have helped her with the adoption of Zahara (Ethipoia)

Daily Mail

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