Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Looking for his next victim.....

Colin Farrell pulls sexy out in Hollywood.

Daily Stab

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april said...

I wish I was walking by at that very moment to make eye contact and let the man know I'm no victim, just one in a billion who would love to have dinner, wine, conversation...mmmmm yum, yum, yum!
But I refuse to be just one of the many girls who have fallen in to that trap: Who wants to be the girl in front of his face, just convenience for a physical release?No thanks...I respect myself far too much to be anyone's blow-up doll for an evening, afternoon or morning excursion. Besides, there are thousands, if not millions who would let the man release himself and would expect he likes them for it. Ha!When will women get over themselves. If you say will do it. Free sex is hard to pass up. So, Colin, go to it. The world is your play pen. Just remember, the void cannot be filled with more emptiness.