Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Bail for OJ set at $125,000

After judges fought over the assignment of OJ's case for awhile, Simpson is finally getting ready to walk into the courtroom and get started. Word is his defense could simply be that he was retrieving his own property back during the alleged robbery.

I have heard that one of the victims is claiming that he did some "work" for OJ, and the items were payment. No word on what the "work" was, just that OJ paid the guy with memorabilia.

Why? Why would OJ go and commit this bold, brazen crime? A psychologist on Fox News said it's called "malignant narcissism." Just like the night of the murders of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown. He became so enraged, combined with his inflated know the rest.

Rumor is bail will be set at one million and that if OJ is convicted, he will serve a very long sentence. Also, according to Fox, many people have already come forward offering to help OJ pay for his bail. Unbelievable.

UPDATE: Bail set at $125,000 stipulations- give up passport, no contact with witnesses etc....

Fox News

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