Monday, September 24, 2007

Trouble climbing the stairs?

Stop the hassle, go and find out about the available stairlifts that will fit your lifestyle needs. Value Stairlifts UK has all kinds of enablers that are highly adaptable and designed to meet your needs. Value Stairlifts has them all- Curved, Outdoor, Standing, Superglide and even Reconditioned stairlifts. All available at an easy to read, informative website just one click away.

After you order your stairlift, you can relax further. Value Stairlifts also provides you with a detailed, comprehensive after sales service which includes a 24/7 call out service 365 days a year. That's right. Every day! Evenings weekends, holidays. Talk about comfort.

Value Stairlifts is a UK based company that's an Accredited Partner of Acorn Stairlifts. Solve your stair climbing difficulties, make it easier on yourself and Contact Value Stairlifts today and speak with a helpful, friendly representative for further information or to arrange a FREE home survey.

Photo credit: Value Stairlifts

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