Monday, April 03, 2006

Federbomb in Dallas

Spears outside of Hotel ZaZa

Federline and Britney were in Dallas over the weekend trying to promote his cd. He hit a North Dallas club and word is it was embarrassing to watch. He had them spin a new single and it went over in a bad way...

A witness said, "The song came on and the dance floor cleared. The crowd started booing. Kevin took the mike to sing and the booing got worse. And yeah, Britney is definitely pregnant."


TheIdleReceptionist said...

You guys, all this talk about K-Fed and Brit being splitsville? SOOOO untrue! Britney is so enamored of Kevin that she is forgoing shampoo, just to emulate him.

neal gardner said...

britney's pregnant again.

this is k-fed's idea of making new fans, one fan at a time.

~Shell~ said...

lmfao @ neal

Kevvy is such an idiot. He should have continued with his dancing. He woulda gained his own fame that way.... eventually... if he had the talent. He'd be recognized as Mr. Spears, but he'd soon gain public respect.... But it's too late. We all hate him. He's a leech and has made no secret of it.