Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Hoff takes the loser route

Their divorce is geting ugly. Hasselhoff has filed papers implying that wife Pam Bach, who has accused him of domestic violence, has a drug problem and needs psychiatric help.

Hasselhoff is requesting that Bach complete a drug rehabilitation program and submit to random drug testing. He also asks that she retain a doctor who specializes in psychiatric medications. Whatever. You told them I hit you, I will try to find something on you. Wag.

Bach's lawyer said, "Pamela has no history of drug use and the allegations are completely false. The request is in reference to a recent surgery she had and a prescription for Vicodin, but she has not abused Vicodin and has actually taken less than the prescribed amount."


neal gardner said...

David Hasselhoff's music makes me want to do drugs.

gabsmash said...