Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Celeb festival

Ashton & Demi

Jennifer Garner

Penelope Cruz

Yes...that's Sharon Stone and Christian Slater

Robin Williams and his daughter Zelda

Joy Bryant

Ben Affleck

Sandra Bullock


Arrivals at the Hollywood Film Festival 10th Annual Awards in Beverly Hills


markus said...

is it halloween already??

Chick said...

Sharon & Penelope...what's with the high, high waists? Not flattering at all.

Kelly said...

I'm sorry....
but why is it that Jennifer Garner does NOT look like Jennifer Garner?

I would have never thought that was her..... bizarro.

gabsmash said...

nello...maybe it's her stand in?

chick! long time no see, what up crazy?


Hawaiigirl said...

she is Jennifer, but you are right, it looks nothing like her.