Tuesday, October 31, 2006

K Fed is going down...in so many ways

Federline's live performances were cancelled on Monday - one day before his debut album is set to be released.

Fed is planning to launch his new CD with five guest appearances around the US, but crap ticket sales have caused two shows to be cancelled.

His November 9 gig in Cleveland has been thrown out, even though tickets were only $20. His gig in New Jersey has also been cancelled- and tickets were only $15...struggling!

Oh well, he won't go broke. Rumor is that he is working on a "deal" with Britney to get a divorce. Try a $30 million settlement for him to go away. Life & Style reports Brit told a friend, "I don't care if we stay together. I can't play games anymore, and I'm not going to stop my life for him. I've already wasted too much time as it is!"

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