Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Cheetos and malt liquor anyone?

Britney Spears is trying to boost the sales of Kevin Federline's debut album by sponsoring a contest where the fan who helps sell the most albums gets to party with the couple on Halloween.

The couple is having a special CD release party on Halloween night to promote the K Fed's debut album. The second prize is a pair of sneakers that Federline wore when he performed at the Teen Choice Awards in August.

The third place winner gets a $200 gift certificate, while 10 runners-up get a replica of a medallion that Federline wears. Replica of his medallion? Get out. And the gift certificate? Where to? One reader suggested: 7-11? K Mart? The flip-flop kiosk in the mall? Ahhh, good times. Updates later this afternoon...

Thanks shrimp!!


shrimpfriedrice said...

I'm assuming a case of Febreeze comes with those shoes, right?

Hawaiigirl said...

That is one of the lamest jokes ever!
And its mean, so there. ha.