Friday, October 27, 2006


"Nope, the smell isn't coming from my pits... that gallon of Summer's Eve was a total fu*king waste." Yeeeah!

"Scent of slut - hits stores in November" I'm Not Obsessed

"Before getting so smug about her underarm situation, perhaps Paris should take a look at her boob n' belly moat.." Mollygood

"Will the skank, ass, jizz, whore sluts please raise their hands?" Dlisted

"Nothing beats the oozing smell of sex, drugs" Gabs

"This is hot - I think this smell could be my next- Skank-Scent
of Hilton
" Popbytes

"For Paris Hilton, this is the sweetest smell of success she'll ever know." Glitterati

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