Thursday, October 26, 2006

Couric is jealous of Kelly Ripa

Kelly Ripa spoke up on Live yesterday, explaining how Katie Couric has avoided her numerous times at events. According to Ripa, the most recent snub took place just this Monday at an event sponsored by Harvey Weinstein to promote environmental awareness.

Ripa told the audience Couric didn't just give her a quick brush-off this time around- she actually switched her place card in an attempt to move her seat further away.

"The last time I almost got seated next to Katie Couric was at the Trump wedding. Do you remember? At the last minute, she switched over to the Today show table," Ripa said. Sounds like good luck to me.

"This is a very bitter pill to swallow," Ripa said about the latest incident. Couric's people said, "There's nothing but positive feelings between Katie and Kelly." Yeah, yeah. Ripa's people say Kelly was "kidding"...oh, but we hear her loud and clear


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