Thursday, October 26, 2006

Naomi beats up her drug counselor

For the one hundredth time, Naomi Campbell was arrested yesterday after her drug counselor accused Campbell of attacking her. Campbell was taken to a police station in central London after being arrested on suspicion of assault at an address in the British capital's Westminster district. What a freak! A reader passed this along and I didn't believe them....

Police officers visited the location where the alleged incident took place. The unnamed, female counselor was reportedly scratched all over her face.

A rep for Campbell says "there has been a misunderstanding." He adds, "We are sure it will all be sorted out when the police investigate." W h a t e v e r! How long will this go on? Until she kills someone??

Campbell is currently fighting three lawsuits, all filed by former employees, who claim the Naomi assaulted them. Well, let's go ahead and make that four.

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