Monday, October 16, 2006

Red-headed celeb coming through

And she makes it! Nic Kidman began a two-day tour of Kosovo over the weekend as a United Nations goodwill ambassador, pledging to provide a voice for the troubled province.

"I'm learn so that I can help your country at this crucial, crucial time for the future," Kidman said. "To meet people, hear their stories and educate myself, and I suppose be a voice for you if you need it."


prisoner said...

Nicole Kidman without eyes
Do you Nicole Kidman will visit us Serbs and non-Albanians in jails of Kosovo & Metohia region? No, you will go to hotels and drink whiskey with colored moderate Albanian democrates (Islam and narco mafia) and few players who will be masked in Serbians.

Sarah said...

Redheaded? Show me one picture of Nicole Kidman with Red hair..cause that ain't it.

Coolio said...

U,, the person, who said this picture was Nicole was a red-head was blind. she has bright blonde hair, nothing near red in this picture or ever

Hawaiigirl said...

I have to agree, there is not one hair on her head that is the color red.