Thursday, October 12, 2006

K Fed tells Brit...."Boys ain't allowed!"

K Fed is reportedly forbidding Britney from using male dancers in her new video.

In Touch says that Brit hired Matt Felker, a hot dude from her "Toxic" video...but Federline "insisted that Britney fire Matt and all of the other male dancers she'd hired and replace them with females." Pffft

An insider told the mag, "Kevin doesn't want Britney to be making sexy moves again. He's even telling her she doesn't need to lose all of her pregnancy weight." Yes! Stay plump like a NY pigeon for your comeback! Genius


your majesty said...

Is he out of his mind?!? But I BET his "first" rap video will have all kinds of ass in it...

She's a fool if she lets this man whose "career" wouldn't exist without her tell her how to handle her own career... Ugh.

Coolio said...

Its not his decison what she will do in her career.