Thursday, October 19, 2006

I'm bringing flaky back

Justin Timberlake and his mini-on Trace Ayala invited reporters to the launch of their new clothing line at Social Hollywood a couple of days ago... then refused to speak to them. Nice!

Timberlake and Ayala stopped for a sec on the red carpet- allowing their pic to be taken and then bypassed the press, slipping into the side entrance.

Star's Jessica Schimmel, who covered the event said, "It was ridiculous. The guy invites us here to give him free publicity for his clothing line and then he can't be bothered to talk to anyone, so cocky! And by the way, what does Trace Ayala have to be so cheeky about. Even he thinks he's too good to talk to us?" Seriously! Who is he again?

Neither Justin nor his friend said a word as the press "screamed for a comment." The press thought that Justin was going to come back out and talk about his new clothing line but he never did, "leaving everyone really disappointed." Bad, bad, man!


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