Monday, October 23, 2006

Do it! Do it now!

Paris and Criss Angel in Las Vegas. Dude, you're a magician! The perfect chance to make America your biggest fan-- do that spell thing and make her go away. Prove yourself!


Sarah's Mama said...

Please dear God, tell me he is going to make her vanish.

KimTwister said...

hey guys u disgraced criss angel and his career he is not a fucking sexual predator and paris hilton is a fuckin sleeeze ball i fuckin hate her guts and thanks to the fuckin gossip and the media u talk trash about criss angel u just ruined a perfectly wonderful person there and he is not a joe schmo he is criss angel
and if u ever come with in criss angel photgraphing him again he will sue yer fuckin ass how dare u pry on his private life and ruin his familys reputation

Lynn said...

no one made him rub up against her except for his dick. jeez, he is kind of a horndog. and, kim.. ever heard of freedom of the press?