Thursday, October 25, 2007

Duran Duran's Video Banned in the UK

Duran Duran's video for their new release Falling Down has been banned in the UK because it is "too explicit."

The group collaborated with Justin Timberlake on the song which makes fun of celebrity culture and rehab. TV censors did not appreciate the video showing scenes of "semi-naked models in distress and having breakdowns." Yes. We don't see that too often these days. As a result, the 80's band was forced to release a toned down version instead.

A source told The Daily Mirror, "It's a shame because the film is stunning. The band are disappointed that they video won't be seen because they believed it to be one of their finest yet. There has been much coverage of young celebrities running off to rehab that the band wanted to poke fun at how ridiculous they are - but it's backfired on them." The song is excellent by the way...



Anonymous said...

On May 25 1985 8 of the US Billboard top 10 were by British artists. Duran were there in the guise of the Power Station. To get the whole list, go to

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The guy is totally just, and there is no skepticism.