Thursday, October 11, 2007

Pam Anderson Is With Child

Who knew? Pamela Anderson is reportedly two months pregnant with her new husband, porn star Rick Salomon.

The two were hitched in Las Vegas last week. According to In Touch Weekly, Anderson learned she was pregnant on September 29 - the same day she and Salomon applied for a wedding license.

Pam is supposedly just thrilled with the news and thinks she's has found the right guy to enjoy the rest of her life with after two failed marriages. That is too funny to even laugh at. A source told the mag, "She's listening to her heart. Rick adores her and will be the best husband she's ever had. Pam says that after all these years of looking, the right one was right there beside her the whole time." Honey, he was right beside everyone the whole time.

In Touch


Anonymous said...

This absolutely disgusts me. In every pic I have seen from her "wedding," she is drinking champagne. I used to like her. What a used-up, stupid whore she is. said...

Ditto. I used to like her too, but this is too far! How many "fathers" will her poor boys go through?
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