Friday, October 05, 2007

Jamie Foxx Offends Fans in the Middle East

Jamie Foxx greeted fans with a thumbs up gesture after arriving in the United Arab Emirates to film his movie The Kingdom.

Foxx was misinterpreted by locals - who took the popular thumbs up move as a sign of disrespect. Supposedly, it's similar to 'giving the finger' in the West.

Foxx said, "You've got to be careful with things out there - if you stick your thumbs up that means something completely different. So when I first got there I came off the plane and I was like (sticks thumbs up) 'cool, hey guys, this is great!' I was told pretty soon after that not to do it."

Foxx joined co-stars Jennifer Garner, Chris Cooper and Jason Bateman in the capital Abu Dhabi for the action thriller earlier this year.

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