Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Robert Redford Loves Him Some Speed

Robert Redford told Playboy that he secretly enjoys jetting around in his Porsche. Gasp! Redford has lived in a house with solar-powered heating for more than 30 years, but he enjoys darting around in a high-performance, gas-guzzling sports car.

Redford confessed, "I drive hybrid cars. I've had passive solar heating and wind generation in my Utah home since 1975. I bike and ride horses as much as I can. But I must say, I do like racing fast cars. It's a hypocritical, weak move on my part. We do what we can. But I've always loved speed. I love finding a good stretch of road and cutting loose in my Porsche. That's all I want to say about that."



Anonymous said...

yeah yeah.. like we don't remember the million and one other wasteful things you sponser and ignorantly do that makes you a total hypocrite.

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