Friday, October 12, 2007

The Real Reason Pam Anderson Got Married

This week's National Enquirer claims that Pam Anderson's recent marriage to Rick Solomon is a sham.

They say the real reason the two got hitched is because they are pitching a reality show. Four networks, NBC, Fox, VH1 and E! are allegedly bidding for the new series which they say would be similar to Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey's "Newlyweds." The show would give viewers an "intimate" look at their new fake life together. But their wedding was so elegant?

An insider said, "Rick assured Pam it would be a blockbuster and they could rake in big bucks. He said they could sell different versions of the show- a clean version to networks and an R- rated version to cable." Nice.



Anonymous said...

which marriage of hers has NOT been a sham!!! She's a big joke.

Celebrity Nudes said...

They say she got married because she's pregnant again is that's a rumor to. I am not sure how true it is either.