Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Say goodbye to "pre-packaged" car insurance

Ratesdirect.co.za is the first company to introduce tailor made insurance products to the South African market. Rates Direct has tailor made car insurance deals just for you, and wonderful customer service.

Rates Direct can save you 30% more than any other company in the market. It is simple and quick, just click here to get started! Complete the form under no obligation and receive up to four quotes directly from South Africa's most trusted insurance companies. You choose the lowest rate and start saving! It's that easy.

Rates Direct offers individual deals on Car Insurance, Loans, Debt Consolidation, Credit Cards and Credit Reports all in one easy to use location. Visit today and start saving money for that new car you have been wanting, quit throwing money out the window on pre-packaged, expensive insurance plans. Rates Direct is one click away, all ready to help you get started. Go check it out!

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This is great info to know.